WITU Talking Trout Series

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021 - 8:00pm

WITU's Talking Trout Series continues!

Guest: Kristina Pechacek

Topic: "Interspecific competition between Brook and Brown Trout within the Wisconsin Driftless Region"

Host: Mike Kuhr




Join us for another episode of "Talking Trout". We'll be joined by UW-La Crosse student Kristina Pechacek, who will talk about her research on the impacts that brown trout are having on native brook trout populations.


Preliminary results of a graduate research project on interspecific competition between Brook and Brown Trout. Brown trout generally are the dominant competitor, but questions remain about how the two species interact in different habitats within the Driftless region. Therefore, the overall objective of this research project was to determine how interspecific competition affects brook and brown trout thermal distribution, habitat use, and diets in two Wisconsin Driftless region streams.


This study examined two streams near Viroqua, WI. Removal of brown trout has reduced competitive pressure on brook trout. Significant shifts from interspecific competition within the food web were measured using stable isotope analysis before and after the removal of brown trout.


This research will provide predictive responses for future brown trout removal projects. Bringing light to adverse impacts of interspecific competition from brown trout on streams with similar characteristics in the Driftless region of southwest Wisconsin.

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